DocsPlus training

Get Started

  1. Get Started


Create and edit documents and the support provided

  1. How to add notes and comments to a Document

  2. How to add pictures to a Document

  3. How to listen to text and change speech settings

  4. How to open and use the Predictor

  5. How to save and print Documents

  6. How to use the Document Analysis tool

  7. How to use the Voice Note tool


Create, edit and utilise the mind mapping in DocsPlus

  1. How to add and remove pictures on a WorkSpace

  2. How to add hyperlinks to objects

  3. How to add text to a WorkSpace

  4. How to create a Wordbar from a WorkSpace

  5. How to create a WorkSpace and add objects

  6. How to format objects on a WorkSpace

  7. How to link objects and change link styles

  8. How to resize and link objects on a WorkSpace

  9. How to save and reopen a WorkSpace diagram

  10. How to use a complete WorkSpace diagram

  11. How to use speech and Voice Notes on a WorkSpace


Create your own Wordbars or use the free sets available on LearningGrids.com

  1. How to create and edit a wordbar


Utilise the PDF reader

  1. How to display a PDF beneath the Document

  2. How to read a PDF in DocsPlus


Adapt the settings of DocsPlus and personalise the program

  1. How to customise the Predictor settings

  2. How to personalise and save User Preferences

  3. How to use Exam Mode

  4. How to use the Word Pool


How to utilise the accessibility options in DocsPlus

  1. How to change the display settings

  2. How to use DocsPlus and Eye Gaze

  3. How to use DocsPlus and SuperKeys

  4. How to use DocsPlus and Switch Access

Training webinar

Watch this pre-recorded training webinar on demand.

How-to guide

You can download the how-to guide here:
    DocsPlus for Windows/Mac - Training guide
    DocsPlus for Windows/Mac - UK
    Last modified
    9th November 2020
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