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How do I create my own Media Library in Clicker 7?

You would like your own pictures to appear above keywords in the Document, Predictor and Spell Checker.


First, register a folder on your computer as a Media Library:

  1. Move your picture files into a single folder and ensure they're named appropriately.
    e.g. a picture of an apple is named “apple”.
  2. Windows only - launch Clicker 7 by right-clicking the icon and choosing Run As Administrator.
    This is necessary due to Windows security restrictions. If Windows asks for a different username / password, ask your ICT Support to log in for you.
  3. In Clicker 7, click Media Libraries in the top Options ribbon tab.
  4. Click Register New Library and follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, browse to your folder of pictures.

Having registered your Media Library, you can now configure Instant Pictures to use it:

  1. Click Preferences in the top Options ribbon tab.
  2. Open the Pictures tab.
  3. On the left, ensure your Media Library is checked and at the top of the list (use the arrow buttons to move it).
  4. On the right, ensure all the checkboxes under Show Instant Pictures are checked, and then click OK.

Start typing some of your picture names in the Document. The corresponding pictures will now appear.

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21st January 2020
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9th November 2017
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