In-app purchases and the Volume Purchase Program

If Clicker Communicator for iPad is purchased via Apple's Volume Purchase Program, is it still possible to download the extra voices and symbols?


Typically, it isn't possible to make in-app purchases (free or paid) if an app has been purchased through VPP.

When you download an app from the standard App Store, the purchase (free or paid) is linked to your Apple ID. This same thing happens with in-app purchases, but not VPP purchases.

Therefore, if you try making an in-app purchase within an app that was purchased via VPP, the transaction is refused because there's no record of your Apple ID having purchased that app. Apple has yet to address this issue.

In response, we created PCS and Widgit editions of Clicker Communicator, to ensure that VPP customers have access to their preferred symbol library. Unfortunately, it isn't feasible to create further variations containing extra voices.

Depending on the mobile device management system used by your organisation, it may be possible to assign VPP-purchased apps to users instead of devices. If so, this avoids the problem.

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22nd November 2017
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22nd November 2017
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