How can I deploy Chromebook apps to multiple users?

You wish to deploy our Chromebook apps via the Google Admin console.


Google's official documentation is here:

We have also created an illustrated guide (see below).


Our apps are free to download, so anyone can install them.

On launch, users without a license can start a free 28-day trial (for the whole Google domain). In some cases, they can continue using the app with limited features.

For full use of the app, users must be assigned licenses from your subscription. To learn more, see the related articles below.

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27th November 2017
Last revised
23rd November 2020
Applies to
  • Clicker Communicator for Chromebook
  • Clicker Connect for Chromebook
  • Clicker Docs for Chromebook
  • Clicker Sentences for Chromebook
  • Clicker Writer for Chromebook
  • DocsPlus for Chromebook
  • DocsPlus Universal for Chromebook