Error: "...blocked by the administrator" on Chromebook

When clicking an app's Add to Chrome button in the Chrome Web Store, you see this error message:
<app name> is blocked by the administrator.


Your Google domain is probably set to block all apps except those allowed by your Google Admin.

Therefore, please ask your Google Admin to add our apps to the list of allowed apps.

For IT Professionals

Your Google domain is probably set to Block all other apps & extensions except the ones you allow.

To allow our apps, please follow the guide below for Clicker or DocsPlus. At the final step, set the app to Allow install.

If this is set correctly for the domain, ensure that all Org Units are inheriting the settings correctly.

About this article
27th November 2017
Last revised
12th July 2021
Applies to
  • Clicker Communicator for Chromebook
  • Clicker Connect for Chromebook
  • Clicker Docs for Chromebook
  • Clicker Sentences for Chromebook
  • Clicker Writer for Chromebook
  • DocsPlus for Chromebook
  • DocsPlus Universal for Chromebook