On-demand webinars

Explore our on-demand webinars to find out how DocsPlus supports a wide range of learning needs and classroom objectives. Each session is packed with top tips and ideas from DocsPlus experts, including current users, education gurus and our DocsPlus consultants.

English Teachers - how can we empower struggling readers and writers?

Andrew Cumming, our Senior Education Consultant, explores how DocsPlus makes the English curriculum more accessible and achievable for students who struggle with reading and writing, particularly for those who don’t qualify for 1-to-1 support. In this webinar Andrew covers:

  • How DocsPlus helps students to independently access Secondary English texts, organise their ideas, and supports them throughout the writing and editing process
  • DocsPlus’ bank of ready-made vocabulary banks, writing frames and planning templates that English teachers can access
  • ‘DocsPlus Analytics’, which gives teachers instant access to rich data on each student’s writing process.

Boosting independent writing across the secondary curriculum

Charlotte and Andrew share their top tips on using DocsPlus to boost independence and support students through the writing process. They explore:

  • How DocsPlus enables students to access lesson content across the curriculum and to plan and prepare for writing
  • The built-in scaffolding and productivity tools including writing frames, vocabulary banks and intelligent word prediction
  • How DocsPlus encourages students to proactively review and edit their written work

How DocsPlus can provide inclusive classroom support for dyslexic learners

In this webinar, Rosie, Phil and Katie explore how DocsPlus can be used to provide inclusive support for dyslexic learners within a classroom setting, including:

  • Using speech support for reading, feedback and reflection
  • Using planning boards to organise thoughts
  • Strategies to transition from planning to writing
  • Implementing writing frames to aid structure

DocsPlus for SEND learners – with Georgina Durrant

Explore how DocsPlus can be used to provide inclusive support for SEND learners within a classroom setting with Andrew Cumming, DocsPlus Education Consultant, and Georgina Durrant, founder of The SEN Resources blog, including:

  • Using WorkSpace to help students generate and organise their ideas
  • Strategies to transition from planning to writing
  • Reducing teacher workload with ready-made curriculum resources

Using DocsPlus to support SEND learners in exams

In this webinar, Andrew Cumming was joined by Abigail Hawkins from SENDCOSolutions and Fiona Johnson from SENsible SENCO. Watch now to discover:

  • Key benefits of using Assistive Technology like DocsPlus to support students in exams.
  • How DocsPlus can be used in place of human scribes and readers.
  • How Fiona’s school are successfully using DocsPlus in their exams, including how it has saved them “300 hours of staff time in the first year alone”!