Reviews and success stories

08US Skyline High School

Skyline High School

My name is Aeshia Grine and I am a special education teacher at Skyline High School in Colorado. I work with students from Grades 9-12, all of whom have significant needs, and I have been trialing Clicker with two of my students in particular.

02 Success storiesOne of my goals this year has been to work on speaking skills with John*, who has Autism, and is non-verbal. Until now it has been very difficult to assess or record his vocalizations as he hasn’t spoken before. Using Clicker, I have been able to create a range of speaking and listening activities that enable me to record his voice in an environment that he feels comfortable with. All I have to do is choose a selection of pictures (I have been using the Crick Picture Library, but they can come from anywhere), and the wizard does the rest. Each page of the activity presents a single picture with speech support (click on the picture to hear the word or phrase), and then John makes his own recording. The recording and the model are both saved with the Clicker Set, which means I get a ‘snapshot’ of each stage of his progress. Needless to say, John finds it incredibly rewarding to hear his own voice, and this has been a real breakthrough for all of us. He actually has developed a preference to this program and is excited to use it during his daily activities.

03 Success storiesWith Josh*, I have been targeting basic reading skills. Josh is very good at repeating words as he hears them, but I wanted to work on his recognition of their written form. I have had a lot of success with the matching activity creator in Clicker. When the wizard is opened, you get a selection of options for both the ‘choice’ and target’ (allowing differentiation), and I have been working mainly with the target being a picture and word together.  The activities can be created in seconds, using any pictures you want. For this student, not only is he able to start associating pictures with their written form, but he is also building his vocabulary in the process.

The best thing for me is the range of differentiation available - I can use the same tool to support all my students, regardless of their individual needs. Some of my students can produce their own written sentences, while some have almost no reading skills at all, but all of them can be supported with Clicker!

*names have been changed.