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Overcoming physical barriers to writing and boosting verbal development

Overcoming physical barriers to writing with Clicker

Miss Gilchrist explained that the pupils in her class found the physical act of writing particularly challenging, and that some of her pupils had a lot of knowledge but struggled to get it down on paper.

“Clicker helps take the physical struggle out of writing and gives my class the freedom to share their understanding and ideas more easily. Before Clicker, one pupil could barely manage a sentence or two. Now, he's writing nine to ten sentences with ease! This change has not only improved his writing skills but also boosted his enthusiasm and engagement in lessons.”
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Encouraging verbal development and boosting engagement with new vocabulary

Another brilliant example of how Clicker is helping Miss Gilchrist’s pupils is the verbal development support it has provided a pupil with Down’s Syndrome.

“I noticed that Clicker encourages one of my learners to use more language. When I try to teach him new words 1:1, he doesn’t always repeat them. However, when he's using Clicker, he automatically repeats the words. I think the visual and interactive elements of Clicker have helped boost his confidence so he now engages better with new vocabulary.”

Growing learner independence and enabling 1:1 time with each pupil

For Miss Gilchrist’s pupils, providing a consistent approach to using Clicker has made it a favourite in her classroom. The children have picked it up quickly, enabling them to work independently and confidently.

“At the beginning of our lessons, we brainstorm ideas together as a class. Then, because creating writing activities is so quick and easy, I ask my pupils to tell me their ideas. With Clicker, I can quickly turn these into Sentence Sets which they can complete independently. This means they write sentences that were their own ideas originally, and they can write more sentences than they would with a pencil.”

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Using Clicker has also given Miss Gilchrist more time for 1:1 teaching in her classroom. At Drumpark Primary School, Clicker is not only helping pupils access writing, but also unlocking their potential, letting them shine and show what they can really do!