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St Hugh's 1

St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School

Clicker has transformed my life as a SEN Teacher.

I have been using Clicker since last September and I have found it to be amazing both for producing resources and as a learning tool for my pupils!

The activity wizards have enabled me to generate learning grids quickly and efficiently using images and text from the internet and from the extensive Crick resources. I have printed these out to be used as resources in class to support learning. The range of different resources which can be made using Clicker is impressive. 

This has been the most brilliant teaching resource I have ever used!

I have particularly enjoyed making books for the pupils I work with. I have found it very easy to import images from the Crick resources and also photos. This has enabled me to make personalised books. The interactive format of Clicker, with a built-in speech engine, means that pupils can enjoy seeing and listening to text being read. This multisensory approach really supports early reading skills. It is also a fantastic resource for teaching vocabulary and key concepts to EAL pupils!

The Clicker word processor allows pupils to produce their written work with greater independence. The learning grids enable pupils to select the words they need. Grids which feature specific vocabulary can be created with ease using the activity wizards. The speech engine, which allows pupils to hear each word before they select it and enables a pupil to hear what they have written,  greatly helps the editing process. 

The word processor is particularly popular with dyslexic learners, some of whom have described it as ‘cool’, ‘amazing’ and in the case of one pupil as ‘a game’. This particular child had been a very reluctant writer and found writing a very stressful and frustrating activity. I introduced him to Clicker and he began to use it in class. It completely transformed his experience of writing! He was able to record his ideas much more quickly and really enjoyed Clicker to the point that he came running up to me in the playground to tell me that he had ‘been playing that game again’!

This has been the most brilliant teaching resource I have ever used!