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Jacquelyn Criger

I was collaborating with a team of teachers who support a 5th grade students’ learning.  We were looking for a way he could better express his ideas in writing after they told me that when he speaks, no one would ever guess that he has a disability.  But, when he writes, it’s a different story.

Jacquelyn Criger 1Of course, I suggested we consider using Clicker, and showed them a bit about the program.  They were immediately on board, and anxious to try it.

This first piece of work is something he wrote independently earlier this year.  I ‘translated’ it, so you could tell what he was writing.

Jacquelyn Criger 2This second page is something he produced by himself, after reading an excerpt from Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell, using Clicker with word prediction (after the text had been entered into a hidden word bank so the words he needed would be added to the word predictor).

This is incredible, isn’t it? It really made my day to see his progress!