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Clicker training success across 140 Glasgow primary schools: ‘a tailored training experience for thousands of teachers’

Chris Mier works across Glasgow to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers throughout the city (spanning 140 primary schools and 32 secondary schools). Over the past year, Chris has worked with Katy and Sophie from Crick Software to provide detailed training models and content for the primary schools’ Clicker CPD opportunities. 

Chris had such a positive experience with the team that he was keen to share his feedback! We always love to celebrate when our software makes a difference to schools, so it’s great that we have an opportunity to recognise the fantastic work that goes on behind-the-scenes to make sure that schools have everything they need to implement Clicker successfully throughout their subscription! 

Here’s what Chris had to say: 

  1. The training content was clearly structured and provided fantastic administrative support 

“Katy and Sophie have provided training that was well-structured, with clearly defined course aims and content. I was able to take their schedule and place the content directly onto our professional learning platform to make it available to all teachers – it removed a large element of administration which was hugely beneficial to me.” 

  1. Our flexible and adaptable courses ensured training was purposeful and practical 

“Katy and Sophie were fantastic at adapting the course content and pivoting whenever we needed – they really understood the importance of the training mirroring current focuses or upcoming celebrations – like World Book Day. The responsiveness was incredible and ensured a smooth and tailored training experience for thousands of teachers.” 

  1. Teachers enjoyed the training content and found the format incredibly time-effective and informative 

“It was Crick’s idea to change the format of training so that it provided opportunities for learning and collaboration.

They suggested starting with 15 minutes of live input (which is also recorded so teachers can access this at a time that suits them best) and to follow with a live 15-minute window for 1:1 support directly with Katy. The teachers can receive personalised support during this time and can ask questions about the training – or anything Clicker related.

But what’s most impressive is how the training is in bite-size chunks so that teachers can implement what they have learnt immediately in their classroom the following day. It means the training is really making a difference – the feedback I’ve received shows that it is increasing their confidence and competence in using Clicker in the classroom!”

  1. The training has been so successful that Chris is looking to replicate the format with other CPD providers 

“We've taken the model that Sophie and Katy have used, and we have applied it to our own professional learning. So, we're now looking at developing 45-minute slots, half an hour of impactful professional learning that you can take straight back to your classroom and apply the next day, and then a 15-minute debrief where you can ask any questions.” 

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