Reviews and success stories


Colindale Primary School

Suzanne Lazarus shares how Colindale are using Clicker 7 to develop literacy skills across the school.

"I think if I was to sum up the impact Clicker 7 has on learning in our school, I’d say that Clicker makes writing a fun, exciting and accessible experience for everyone, including reluctant and struggling writers. I would really urge other schools to consider using Clicker as their word processor of choice – it’s designed for children after all!"

St Hugh's 1

St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School

Lucy McGee shares her experiences of using Clicker to help struggling writers produce work more independently.

“Clicker has transformed my life as an SEN Teacher. I have been using Clicker since last September and I have found it to be amazing both for producing resources and as a learning tool for my pupils!”

Kelvin Hall 1

Kelvin Hall School

Jon Hickman tells us how he has been using Clicker and the Clicker Apps to help EAL students and learners with special needs access the science curriculum.

"The outcomes have been very positive – all of the children have demonstrated significantly improved literacy skills, and overall attainment has improved by a least a couple of sub-levels per child. Their work is much easier to read and they are able to get their ideas down much more quickly, and achieve a lot more within the time frame of a lesson. What’s really important is that with the help of Clicker, they are encouraged to use that key subject-specific vocabulary in context and produced more detailed explanations."

Cheddar Grove

Cheddar Grove Primary School

Katherine Field shares how the school's LSAs have been using Clicker in their 1:1 literacy intervention sessions.

"The children really look forward to creating books about their own ideas, which I then print off and laminate for them to take home. One of the features that I really applaud is the ability for children to take photos via their webcams and actually feature in their own stories, using their own words. They get genuinely excited by this."