Reviews and success stories


Apley Wood Primary School

Ellen Smith tells us how Clicker 7 is being used to support 'Big Write' sessions and topic assessments at her school.

"The children use Clicker in English and Foundation subjects - the teachers are able to create differentiated learning resources for them based on their lesson content, which enable those pupils to access the curriculum and participate in the same way as their peers."

01 Ark Schools

Ark Schools Network

Sally Bouwman tells us why she actively promotes the use of Clicker in all 19 Ark primary schools:

"We have found Clicker to be one of the most powerful assistive technology tools to implement in the primary setting with children experiencing reading and writing difficulties. The program addresses a lot of key areas and is particularly effective when used to support reluctant writers and children with weak writing stamina."


Harpenden Academy

Using Clicker to motivate reluctant writers and help pupils with dyslexia overcome spelling difficulties.

“The key outcomes I have witnessed since the pupils have been using Clicker are that they seem to be much more engaged, focussed and willing to persevere even if they find the task difficult. They incorporate more relevant and interesting vocabulary in their written work, and use punctuation much more consistently than when using a pencil and paper.”

Burrowmoor 1

Burrowmoor Primary School

Laura Walker’s school used some of their Pupil Premium funding to invest in Clicker. They are using it across the school and across the curriculum to support writing.

“Whether you have a pupil really struggling at the sentence level or a high achiever you want to push, Clicker can be tailored to provide them with the particular support they need, not only in literacy but across the curriculum, which makes it excellent value for money. Our pupils have not only become better writers, but more engaged and confident ones.”