Support for children with dyslexia

Clicker is easily the most widely-used reading and writing tool in the UK for young learners with dyslexia.

Its simplicity and flexibility make it highly effective across the primary age range and curriculum.

"The word processor is particularly popular with dyslexic learners…This particular child had been a very reluctant writer and found writing a very stressful and frustrating activity. I introduced him to Clicker and he began to use it in class. It completely transformed his experience of writing!"

Lucy McGee, SEN Teacher, St Hugh's Catholic Primary School

Help pupils organise and plan their writing

01UK Organise and plan writing

Provide point-and-click access to words

02 Build confidence

Enable children to capture ideas and rehearse their sentences

03 Capture ideas and rehearse sentences

Reinforce the link between spelling and sounds

03 Preview words before using them

Help pupils overcome spelling frustration

05 Overcome spelling frustration

Provide writing support grids tailored to each child’s learning needs

06 Tailor to each child's needs

Aid reading accuracy with Dyslexie font

07UK Dyslexie font