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Gilly Shankland

For children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and physical disability, handwriting can be difficult or impossible. The new National Curriculum for English focuses on Standard English, specifically on grammar within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking. Detailed content is introduced from Y1 as statutory requirement.

Clicker Connect provides the opportunity to colour code individual cells to support the teaching and learning of specific grammatical structure, for example yellow for verbs and red for nouns.

"The support provided by the app is extensive."

The support provided by the app is extensive. It offers single and multiple sets that can be used to support the writing of a simple page, to complex stories and instructional texts, all with the use of images when required. The keyboard is simple too and, as with Clicker 6, the addition of a full stop results in the read back of an individual sentence. Text to speech feedback, with words highlighted, enables children to reflect on and review any or all of their writing.

As a member of the Clicker Apps family, the Clicker Connect app provides a natural progression from Clicker Sentences. It is easy to use and, with the simplicity of Clicker Set creation and the multiple Clicker Sets available at, it is yet another excellent resource from Cricksoft, a company that helps to make the impossible, possible!