Reviews and success stories


Donna Schneider


I am currently using Clicker Books with a High School Life Skills class. The app was very easy for the students to understand how to use - one quick 30 minute lesson and they were off and running. One of our lower level students, who has a tremendously hard time reading and writing, took to the app like a fish in water. I was surprised and encouraged to see how engaged and excited he was, and how he was able to create something of substance. He even chooses to work on his Clicker Book when he can be having free time and playing games on the iPad.  I’ve always known he has the ability to do this, but he has never had something like Clicker Books to support him to create something of such high quality.


Currently, the class is working on books based on animal research they have been doing. He is able to go online to find photos that go with the different topics in his book. He even found a map of North America and placed that on a page. He loves to explore different layouts for each page and realizes he can easily change his mind without losing any work - it takes the fear out of making a mistake, which he so often thinks he does. To be able to complete a project as his peers are, and have something to share, has boosted this student’s confidence. 


This app is a wonderful way to support special education students with creating books on any topic to show their understanding. The supports, such as the speech support, the predictor, and the word banks, can all be used to ensure that any obstacles they have with their reading and writing skills, are overcome. They can create work of which they can be proud! I would definitely recommend it!