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betsy caporaleUS

Betsy Caporale - AT / AAC Specialist

I recently assessed an 11 year old student who is dyslexic (non-reader) and whose writing is illegible. He uses a scribe for all written work and all text is read aloud to him. 

I introduced him to Clicker Sentences, and demonstrated how to create sentences using Sentence Sets.  He quickly learned how to navigate the app to create 5-9 word sentences.  He then began exploring the editing options, including speech recognition, camera, and picture library.  With minimal prompting he used the speech recognition feature, using the iOS keyboard in Edit View, to create his own Sentence Sets and tell about a photo he had taken or a picture he had selected.  He then used the Sentence Sets to independently write about the photo or picture. He was so excited he asked if I would call his mom and ask her to get the app for him.  He also commented that he would no longer need an adult to do his writing for him. For the first time ever he was creating written work independently, and he was reading the sentences aloud!

Quite a breakthrough for this young man!