Reviews and success stories


Inka Clark

Inka’s son Daniel loves books and has lots of big ideas, but really struggles with reading and writing due to dyslexia. He has been using Clicker Sentences at home and at school.

“Clicker Sentences is fantastic for completing written homework tasks and makes writing possible for someone like Daniel… I cannot emphasise enough how quickly you can create a differentiated active learning task personalised and tailored to your learners’ needs.”


Ros Henshaw

Ros is a Literacy Boosters Consultant. Here, she shares how she has been using Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs to support a number of struggling readers and writers she works with.

“I am also working with another pupil in Year 5 who is severely dyslexic. His writing is at Level 1C. He has at least an average IQ but is only accessing some aspects of the curriculum. He has refused to record information and has very poor scanning skills for keyboard work. He has loved using Clicker Sentences – it is ideal for him and he was very, very excited to use the program!”



The BridgingApps team aims to help caregivers and professionals choose the best apps to enhance everyday life for people with disabilities. Take a look at their review of Clicker Sentences.

“We cannot say enough about this app. It is not only easy to create on; it provides a platform for young and struggling writers to gain both skills and confidence as they move forward. The ability to fully customize, differentiate, and easily create lessons as simple or detailed as you need makes this app the stellar app that it is.”


The Appy Ladies

Reviewer Angela Moorad tells us what she loves about Clicker Sentences.

“The company has pre-made sentence sets that are free to download from their LearningGrids site. You can edit any sets that you download to meet that individual student’s needs… Overall, this is a fabulous app that is very well designed with features that will meet many special needs. I highly recommend it!”


Special Apps, Special Kids

Founder Amy started this blog as a means of sharing the apps she uses to support children with special needs. Here are her thoughts on Clicker Sentences.

“Clicker Sentences is user friendly! I love how there is a built-in tutorial, as well as a set of ready-to-use examples to refer to when you are first exploring the app. The interface is very easy to navigate as well…”


On Sarah’s iPad

Sarah DeBellis provides a mum’s guide to apps, ebooks and other mobile media. She has been using Clicker Sentences with her 6 year old son.

“Clicker Sentences is a great tool for early educational settings and for older children with special needs…if you are after an inclusive tool that can scaffold early learners to the next level, then this is a must.”


Educational App Store

Parent and teacher Anne Helsby gives Clicker Sentences the site’s top rating of 5 stars.

“What is so fantastic about the app is that the husband-and-wife-team and founders, John and Ann Crick have really created a multi-faceted literacy tool that is engaging, creative, based on high academic credentials and, which adheres to curriculum guidelines.”



Reviewer Jackie Bryla picks out her favourite things about Clicker Sentences.

“A very cool feature of this app is that if you are using Clicker Software on a home or school computer you can share your app sentences. This makes for great carryover and practice and even collaboration between using the app in a speech/language setting and the users’ classroom.”


Mike Elliot

Primary teacher and ICT advisor Mike Elliot gives his verdict on Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs.

“If you’ve worked in education you will undoubtedly have heard of Clicker, and the confidence and independence their software gives to learners. Clicker Sentences is no exception. Communication is a huge educational priority and this app supports this drive in many ways.”