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appo Learning

Jill Goodman reviews Clicker Connect, which was created "especially for my own autistic son. Or so it seems."

“Crick now has a complete continuum of apps for writing support that should meet the needs of most students. Clicker Connect is the bridge between reordering sentence parts to tell someone else's story and the blank white paper with little guidance other than a word bank and text prediction. It makes it possible for a child with very modest language and limited literacy to actually compose an original paragraph...”


All SpecialED

Clicker Connect has been awarded the "All SpecialED approved" badge of approval.

“Clicker Connect is a great app for struggling writers! I love how teachers/therapists can use Clicker’s diverse library of pre-made learning grids or easily make their own grids adapted from writing curriculums to target their students’ writing and language goals/objectives. Due to the breadth of it’s technological ability, Clicker Connect has the potential to become a staple within your student’s educational plan....”


Educational App Store

Clicker Connect has been awarded the site's top rating of 5 stars.

“A very powerful tool for constructing sentences and telling stories through the use of words, phrases and imagery. It will work best for younger children, but can be used throughout primary school...”


Gilly Shankland

Gilly Shankland, a Specialist Teacher for Physical Disability in Kent, shares her thoughts on Clicker Connect.

“Clicker Connect is easy to use and, with the simplicity of Clicker Set creation and the multiple Clicker Sets available at, it is yet another excellent resource from Cricksoft, a company that helps to make the impossible, possible!”



The BridgingApps team aims to help caregivers and professionals choose the best apps to enhance everyday life for people with disabilities. Here are their thoughts on Clicker Connect.

“The clean layout of this app, similarity to familiar features of Clicker Sentences, many customisation options, integrated clip art library, and numerous sharing options make this app both easy and exciting to use. It is proven to help struggling writers advance to the next level of writing and made with the users in mind. It is a seamless transition from Clicker Sentences.”


Teach Primary Magazine

Reviewer John Dabell highlights Clicker Connect in his ‘Apps for Education’ roundup.

“Writing apps that support literacy development can be a minefield. However, Clicker Connect offers something above and beyond. The app is a triumph because it is based on a simple idea that scaffolds independent writing kick-starts the writing process, helps children to be creative and gives them a clear sense of achievement.”


Mike Elliot

Primary teacher and ICT advisor Mike Elliot gives his verdict on Clicker Connect.

“Clicker Connect supports learners in constructing sentences with all the required components, in a very interactive way. Learners will have a great time using images, audio and grids to connect words together, but more importantly it will enable learners to communicate and create… this level of customisation means the app is suitable for use across the curriculum, and really promotes the effective use of literacy.”


The Appy Ladies

Reviewer Melissa Harris tells us what she loves about Clicker Connect.

“Clicker Connect is a truly remarkable app to utilize to help teach the writing process. I have been using this with some of my special learners and they are showing great progress and pride with their writing skills! Highly recommended!”