Pricing and licensing for Chromebook

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  • For authority-wide or support service licensing, please contact us.
  • For single user licensing, subscriptions may not be shared - if you are using the same Google login for more than one user, each user needs a license.

Here’s all you need to do to get started:

1. Get the app:
- for a single user, download Clicker Connect SymbolStix from the Chrome Web Store
- for multiple devices in your school domain, open your Google Admin Console, go to Device Management > Chrome Management > App Management, then search for the app and allocate it to users (this needs to be done by your Google domain administrator).

2. Run the app to start your 28-day free subscription.

3. Place your order with us for your 12-month subscription – this will then automatically start right after your free 28 days.

That’s it! Now just start the app in the usual way and you’re ready to go. Our Chrome App works with Google Drive, both online and offline, and is easy to set up and manage using your standard Google tools.

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