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Pauline Smith

Encouraging positive learning behaviours

9th September 2020

Clicker Board is a valuable discussion and recording tool. Two Clicker Boards on LearningGrids, Good Listeners and Good Partners, are particularly useful for engaging your class in discussions about positive learning behaviours.

The sets can be used to record ideas during a whole class discussion, or children can complete them in pairs or small groups and use the ideas to create a whole class mind map. In the empty cells, add key words such as quiet, look, respect, calm, and think, or phrases such as listen carefully, be calm, let others speak, and ask questions. You can also add more cells for additional suggestions.

good partner and good listener 

A completed mind map can be used as a planner for writing about good learning behaviours or creating classroom rules. Children can refer to the completed mind map on an interactive whiteboard for ideas and spellings, or you can create a Word Bank by using the export tool. You can also send the mind map to a document or print it out and use it to support a table-based task.

For older children, duplicate the board and replace the image with a key learning skill such as preparation, collaboration, resilience, or perseverance, to spark discussion about positive behaviours and thought processes that enable children to be successful learners.

For more resources to support discussions and writing about good learning behaviours, search for social skills on LearningGrids.

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