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More Clicker success from Hogar Niño Dios!

19th December 2019

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by Renee Ballan who told us about the amazing work she is doing with the Bethlehem Project to support schools in Palestine using Clicker Arabic.

She has recently got back to us with a fantastic story from Rana, one of the teachers at Hogar Niño Dios, about one of the pupils there, a six-year old boy named Marcelino.


“We used Clicker with some of the children and we noticed its effectiveness. The children were happy and excited to use the program and it was easier for them to learn through it rather than rote learning. It helped them to improve their hearing and visual communication skills, hand-eye coordination for children who can’t write and speak, and finally, it helped them to increase their concentration level.

One of the children who used the program is Marcelino, a 6-year-old boy. Marcelino is diagnosed with Static Psychomotor delay, mainly cognitive.

Marcelino was 3 years old when he came to the house. He was very shy, refused to talk to anybody, and barely played with the other children. Marcelino didn’t want to work with the teachers and therapists at first, he was communicating by using sign language (by pointing with his finger) and when we couldn’t understand what he wanted, he cried.

We as a team started to use many communication techniques with Marcelino, and step-by-step he started to get used to his new life.

We used Clicker with Marcelino, he enjoyed it a lot and he started to learn faster and he’s achieved many goals, like:

  1. Better concentration, especially when he listens to stories.
  2. Better hand-eye coordination and cognition.
  3. Increased his language repertoire and learned many phrases and concepts by choosing the correct word and picture.
  4. He started to produce some words and letters with help from the speech therapist.
  5. He started to construct 3-word sentences.
  6. He got used to the program pattern, so he was moving the mouse perfectly.

We have really noticed a very big difference in Marcelino’s attitude and concentration because he can communicate and express his needs now using Clicker.”

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