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Clicker languages and localities

5th June 2019

In my role as International Business Manager, I’m often asked which languages are available in Clicker. I frequently visit international schools that will follow either a UK, US or Indian curriculum, and these schools are reassured to know we localise Clicker for different parts of the world.

This post will explain all the language and localisation options available.


The current version of Clicker, Clicker 7, is available in English and Arabic.

The English version of Clicker asks for your locality on installation – you can select from UK, US or ANZ. This installs Clicker with appropriate speech engines and spelling options for your area. It also impacts on some of the pictures installed – houses, for example, look different in different parts of the world.

We can also supply Clicker 7 with an Indian speech engine – ideal for schools in India and international schools who use an Indian Curriculum.


The Arabic version installs two icons on the computer – one launches English Clicker 7, the other Arabic Clicker 7 – complete with a fully translated interface and Arabic examples. This includes Arabic prediction, spellchecking, voices and pictures. Clicker 7 Arabic / English can be installed with UK or US local preferences.

Clicker 7 comes with access to a library of resources called LearningGrids. We remove resources that might be culturally inappropriate for the MENA region from the Arabic / English version.


 French and Spanish

There are language add-on packs for Clicker 7 in both French and Spanish. The language packs run in the English Clicker 7 interface. These include speech engines, spellcheck and predictor databases and translated picture libraries. The Clicker MFL packs also include lots of teaching materials – ideal for whole class and independent work.

Clicker 7_MFL

Clicker 6 French and Spanish

For some schools it is important to have a fully translated interface. We have fully translated versions of Clicker 6 available in French and Spanish. The Spanish version comes with a Mexican-Spanish speech engine, but we have European-Spanish speech available, too.

Clicker 6_French_Spanish

Clicker 6 Polish, Russian, Italian

Finally, we have three additional languages available in Clicker 6 – all of them include localised speech, spellchecking, prediction and pictures inside a fully-translated interface.

Clicker 6_Polish_Russian_Italian

If you want to find out more about our language editions of Clicker, please contact me at

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