You must buy a license for each computer* on which you install our software. If you are using thin clients or virtual machines, you need a OneSchool Site License. All our licenses are perpetual, so you only pay once. The more licenses you buy together, the less you pay per computer.

Our main CD-based products can be purchased for a single computer, 5 computers, 10 computers, or 40 computers in one school, depending on your requirements. So, if you require 15 licenses, you would need to buy both a 5 computers and a 10 computers license.

Alternatively, you can purchase an Unlimited OneSchool™ License, which will enable you to install the software on all existing and future computers in your school, any teacher laptops, and in the case of Clicker 7, the home computers of your teachers, teacher assistants, and students.

NOTE: You will need a license for each computer on which you wish to install our software. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for.

Our OneSchool licensing makes it very affordable to get the benefits of our software for your entire school. Each OneSchool pack includes everything you need to install and use the software on the specified number of computers within one school.

OneSchool licenses can only be used within one school. Please contact us if you are a school district wishing to purchase in quantity for a number of schools.

WriteOnline - online logins

When you purchase WriteOnline licenses, you will also receive a one year subscription to the equivalent number of online logins, which will allow your students to access the program wherever they are. After the first year, you have the option to carry on using the online version for a small annual fee - 10% of the standard license price. Please contact us for further details.

Powered by Clicker

When you purchase a site license for one of our ‘Powered by Clicker’ products, you can install it on all your computers that have Clicker installed.

Home Licensing

Our main products are available for home users at discounted prices. The Clicker 7 Unlimited OneSchool License allows the installation of Clicker 7 on student computers at home. Contact us for more details.

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