WriteOnline Success Story

The Old Railway School, Kent

Sheryl Bunyard

West Kent Communication Access Pilot (WKCAP) Specialist Teacher

Last year, I introduced one of my students to WriteOnline following a West Kent Communication Access Pilot (WK CAP) assessment. The student in question has muscular dystrophy and accesses WriteOnline using a USB Glidepoint Touchpad. I have been incredibly pleased with the progress that she has made using the program. She has found WriteOnline really easy to use and has picked up the functionality of it very quickly. My student has found having a range of supportive tools in one place very helpful. She has found the word prediction and access to word banks, which you can create in no time at all, very useful! Her writing speed is improving all the time.

I felt that my student would benefit even more from WriteOnline if it included an on-screen high-frequency-letter keyboard option, with the word prediction tool on the left-hand side. This on-screen keyboard option, with all the key components required for her writing, would be grouped in one place and would allow her to access them with minimum movement. I contacted Crick Software and they worked with me to create one; this now comes with the program as standard!

The student in question now uses WriteOnline in most lessons; she is such a bright girl and with the support of this program she is able to really demonstrate her understanding and learning.

I have been very impressed with WriteOnline and the differences it has made to my pupil's daily school life.

What is so important about WriteOnline is the fact that, when she is using it in school, none of her fellow classmates bat an eyelid. This is because the program looks similar to Microsoft Word, has a familiar layout and can be used unobtrusively. The program supports her in all the right ways and she does not feel self-conscious using it amongst her peers.

I have been very impressed with WriteOnline and the differences it has made to my student's daily school life.