WriteOnline Success Story

John Kitto Community College

Jennie Clench

Special Needs and Science Teacher

We have been using WriteOnline with pupils from Years 7 to 11 for the past few terms, and I have been impressed by the improvement in the quality and depth of the written work produced. A great example of this is the progress made by our Year 7 'top group' set; having WriteOnline's support during their writing tasks has enabled them to develop a much wider vocabulary and create stronger pieces of work. When working with these pupils on particular foundation subjects, we have been able to create Wordbars for them containing key words and phrases for each subject area, and as a result they are producing more focussed, relevant presentations and written work.

The speech feedback really helps pupils to get to grips with new information

We also use the program extensively for reading unfamiliar text. The speech feedback really helps pupils to get to grips with new information, and you have the flexibility to change the voice or the reading speed for individual pupils if necessary. It's also great for helping pupils to spot mistakes more easily when they proof read their own work.

Our students enjoy their WriteOnline-related activities and are definitely benefitting from them; in particular, the Year 11 work from last term went very well. Overall, the more I use this program, the more applications I can see for it and the more useful it is becoming!