WriteOnline Success Story

Tammy Hulsing

Audubon Community School District

We have been using WriteOnline with five students in the Audubon Community School District in Iowa. These students are using WriteOnline every day to complete written assignments in 3 different classes.  Prior to using WriteOnline and THE PACT framework, these students completed all assignments with the help of a teacher or educational associate.  Now, the students independently complete their written work for class.  The teachers and teacher assistants are spending more time finding and creating educational materials for the students to use to more fully comprehend the regular education curriculum.

This is the first paper I have ever written completely on my own without help.

We have been giving students pre-made graphic organizers to use within the WorkSpace section of WriteOnline, and then they fill in the graphic organizer using vocabulary from a Wordbar.  After that, it is time to write.  After completing a full page report using WriteOnline, one of the 16 year old students commented that “This is the first paper I have ever written completely on my own without help."  Her face was so full of pride, it brought tears to my eyes!   These students are doing things independently that they could not do without WriteOnline.   We can see lots of opportunities to use WriteOnline and are really pleased to have found this incredible resource!