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WriteOnline Product Review

John Dabell product review for Teach Secondary magazine

“My ‘word’ what a resource we have here. WriteOnline is an award winning talking word processor from education software specialist Crick Software that aims to help learners from nine years old and upwards to become better and stronger writers. It provides speech, word prediction, and unique Wordbars to help students access new vocabulary, improve their writing, and become more independent.”

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Crick Software WriteOnline

Technology for Education review by Matt Hogan

“WriteOnline is a writing tool aimed at students of all ages who find writing difficult and need support when one-to-one assistance is not available.”

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Spreading the Word

Multi-function packages that help with reading and writing are becoming a lot more powerful, write Michael Pitcher and Jackie Harber.

“People with reading and writing difficulties live in a world totally dominated by words. The internet, emails, books, newspapers, and even this article are completely inaccessible to some people and for others they present a constant challenge in their education, work, and personal life.”

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Writing Support Gets Better with Crick's WorkSpace

WorkSpace makes a successful writing tool even better, writes Chris Drage.

“The benefits of being able to express ideas visually have long been understood, and mind maps are tools that help achieve this. Crick Software’s writing support software, WriteOnline, now includes WorkSpace, a visual mindmapping tool that enables pupils to organize their thoughts and ideas into mind maps before they even begin to write.”

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WriteOnline Review

Tools of the Trade: Ideas, Thoughts, Solutions and Stories from the Staff of the Assistive Technology Center by Vanessa Lombardo.

“Due to CP, she had difficulty writing using traditional methods, such as paper and pencil. Her writing was slow, laborious, and sometimes illegible…the main features in the program (both the Word Bar and Word Prediction) to be extremely beneficial in increasing her efficiency in typing. She has been keeping up with her peers in the writing process this year.”

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New Products :WriteOnline

WriteOnline provides supported writing access writes Professor Amy Dell.

“There are settings for users with low vision, an on-screen keyboard for students using switch access and scanning for switch users. WriteOnline provides a wide range of supports for students and teachers. Its interface is easy to use and customize.”

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ConnSENSE Review: WriteOnline

Margaret Kardos writes, “Just when you think it can’t be done, Crick Software comes out with yet another product sure to knock your socks off.”

“It’s easy to adapt a pre-made Wordbar simply by shifting and clicking on a cell to enter your own text. The program makes it a snap to create topic-specific Wordbars by copying text from any resource (web page, document, etc.), pasting it to the clipboard and clicking on the command to make a new Wordbar.”

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WriteOnline review

WriteOnline from Crick Software – first impressions, writes Brian Friedlander.

“Using both the Wordbars and the word prediction tools can provide students with the scaffolding they need to help them complete their writing. More importantly one must remember that since WriteOnline is an online application, students can access their files and continue to use these supports at home or wherever they are as long as they are connected to the Internet. Now this is truly a paradigm shift!”

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WriteOnline Product Review

Gayl Bowser writes, “More than an excellent talking word processor.”

“This is a tool that will make it possible to adjust instruction to meet the needs of a wide variety of students without the need to create multiple lesson plans and multiple activities for students with differing needs. Teachers will be able to adjust instruction by building in supports like customized word bars and speech output for students who need it, while at the same time challenging more advanced students to stretch their learning and improve their writing.”

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