Pricing and Licensing

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You will need a license for each computer you wish to install WriteOnline on. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for, so please ensure that you select the correct license type to meet your needs.

Prices shown are for individual schools only. OneSchool licenses may not be split across a district and cannot be transferred to another school. Click here for more licensing information.

When you purchase WriteOnline you will have the installed version of the product on a perpetual license. As well as the installed version, you will also receive a one year subscription to the WriteOnline Web Edition, equivalent to the number of licenses you have purchased. If you wish to continue to use the web edition after one year, there will be a small annual fee. Please contact us for more details.

Prices shown in $US and exclude sales tax (Connecticut 6.35%). For £UK prices, visit our UK/International site.

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Purchasing WriteOnline

What happens first when I purchase WriteOnline?
You will receive a WriteOnline box containing a CD, Quick Start Guide and two license documents, one for the Installed Edition and one for the Web Edition.

Use the CD to install WriteOnline on the relevant number of computers, during which you will be prompted to complete a simple online registration procedure. The Installed Edition comes with a perpetual license – you do not need to pay a subscription.

To activate the WriteOnline Web Edition go to, enter your web edition serial number and follow the steps provided. The Web Edition license lasts for 12 months.

How many computers can I install WriteOnline on?
This will depend on how many licenses you have purchased. You will need a license for each computer you wish to install WriteOnline on.  The site license enables you to install WriteOnline on all existing and future computers in your school.

Does the Installed Edition work indefinitely?
Yes, the Installed Edition has a perpetual license.

How many Web Edition logins do I get when I purchase WriteOnline?
The number of Web Edition logins is the same as the number of licenses you have purchased.

Can more than one student use the same Web Edition login?
No. Each student must have their own Web Edition login.

I work in a service that supports students in more than one school. Can I buy WriteOnline for all my students?
Yes you can. You will need to buy at least one single user per site. If you are buying for 10 or more sites, we can provide a bulk discount. Contact us for details.

Can I use WriteOnline without an Internet connection?
Yes. You do not need an Internet connection to use the Installed Edition.

Where should I save my documents?
You save your documents in your online folders, to your local computer or your network (use the drop-down at the top of the save dialog).

Can I install WriteOnline on a network?
If your license agreement allows it, you can deploy WriteOnline across your network.