WriteOnline and the Common Core State Standards

For older students, WriteOnline offers comprehensive support for the CCSS:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to read text at the appropriate level by using WriteOnline’s speech facility. Once they have “read” the text, teachers can provide scaffolding through Wordbars to support comprehension using evidence from the text.
  • Use texts to inform, argue, and generate discussion. Provide your students with WriteOnline writing frames to help structure their work, as well as word banks with key vocabulary, to support their arguments.
  • Using evidence from the text, students have the opportunity to write about what they have learned, all within a speech supported word processor.
  • Improve the use of complex language by providing students with access to a larger vocabulary. Using the WriteOnline predictor, students can use higher level language, and predicting from the word bank enables teachers to support this complex language in any subject area or at any level. 
  • Support academic language and complex text through pre-built Wordbars, including speech supported definitions.
  • Use WriteOnline’s WorkSpace graphic organizer section to support the examination of complex ideas and the selection and organization of those ideas.
  • Use the Document Analysis tool to analyze and evaluate. Teachers can use this information to evaluate and assess students’ progress and students themselves can use these tools to analyze their own writing and /or a classmate’s piece of writing.

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