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New to English

Rama Bardolia

Bilingual teacher


I have been using Clicker and New to English with children who are "new arrivals" in years 3 and 5 (these are students that enter our school speaking and understanding very little or no English at all).

With those who have no English at all, I have been using the "Explore" activity on the CDs to help build up their vocabulary. The "Label", "What Is It?", "Find It" and "Yes or No?" activities reinforce what they are learning.

There are lots of opportunities for the children to work at their own pace, self-correctling in a non-threatening way

With those who have little English, the "Story" and "Make a Book" activities have helped the students with their reading as well as supporting their learning for how to pronounce words correctly. These resources allow them to become familiar with how sentences are constructed in English and the use of capital letters and periods.

The software has allowed the children in my group to work independently towards their own goal of acquiring the English language. It has helped them with building their vocabulary, learning how to pronounce words correctly, and consolidating their learning – all in a fun way!

The beauty of these CDs is that there are lots of opportunities for the children to work at their own pace, self correcting in a non-threatening way. Each CD has lots of opportunities for practice and reinforcement of vocabulary with incremental steps to ensure success.

I think that the "New to English" software is an excellent resource that allows children who are in fact new to English to work independently in their acquisition of the English language.