Powered by Clicker Success Stories

Rama Bardolia

Rama has been using Clicker and New to English with ELL students.

"There are lots of opportunities for the children to work at their own pace, self-correctling in a non-threatening way"

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Rita Gist

Rita currently has Clicker and New to English, as well as other resources, on her laptop. She takes this into the schools to demonstrate to staff who have requested support for ELL students.

"The materials appeal to all age groups and are being used with many students. The design of the software is such that there is a motivation for the individuals to learn and the children’s success in completing activities has certainly raised their self esteem."

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Moulton Primary School

Chris Peak - Adaptive Technology Specialist 

Chris highlights the impact that Clicker Tales is having on one particular student’s learning success.

“The Clicker Tales activities along with other titles in the "Powered by Clicker" series have become integral to Sam's learning in the classroom and also in her home life. Instead of having a story read to her by her parents, she is now able to read to them! This is fantastic and a real achievement for Sam.”

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Bryan Plumb interviews teachers who are using Clicker Tales to support their learners, and gives the software a try himself!

“Clicker Tales allows the main teaching to be done in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard, but then encourages students to work independently on their own computers, at their own pace. Due to the level of complexity that a teacher can go into, each student may be undertaking the same task, but in a way that suits their learning style and ability…”

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