Rhyme Time

In Rhyme Time, children engage in a variety of activities that encourage them to recognise and play with rhyming words, rhyming couplets and longer rhymes. They are also given the opportunity to invent their own rhymes.

In addition to the Rhyme book, which provides an initial stimulus and introduction to simple rhymes, Rhyme Time includes the following activities:

Picture pairs 


Hide and seek 


This activity encourages children to recognise rhyming words by asking them to select pictures in order to make rhyming picture pairs. 


In this activity children learn to recognise word sounds that rhyme by listening to a set of words and then selecting the word that rhymes with the image shown. 

Sound game 


Rhyming strings 


The sound game activity enables children to practise recognising words that rhyme by listening to a series of words and selecting the one that rhymes with the word coming from the CD player. 


In this activity children practise and demonstrate their awareness of rhyme in speech. They do this by continuing a rhyming string and recording a series of words that rhyme. 

Clever couplets 


Write a poem 


This activity enables children to explore rhyming patterns within a simple sentence structure by selecting sentences to complete a series of rhyming couplets. 


Here, children experiment with rhyming patterns within a simple poem structure by choosing words to create their own poems. 

Additional activities 


In the additional activities, children are given further opportunities to experiment with rhyme. Children are able to create their own rhyming lines about animals, nursery rhymes and storybook characters, and can even record their own rhyming strings in the More Strings activity.  


(Requires Clicker 7 for Windows or Mac).