Noisy Bears

In Noisy Bears, children listen to and discriminate between 'action noises' performed by 6 bear characters. Children meet the bears in a talking book with simple sentences about each character.

The bears are involved in a variety of actions such as having a picnic or playing in a band, each of which has a corresponding range of activities.

Noisy Bears includes the following activities:

Introductory book 


Behind the door 


In this activity, children listen to the sounds associated with the actions of each of the bear characters. This helps them to develop an awareness of sounds and related vocabulary. 


Here, children develop their listening skills and their ability to identify various action sounds by matching the sound behind the door to the correct picture. 

Picture build 


Sound sequence 


In this activity children build up a picture of the bears by correctly matching pictures with sounds, enhancing their awareness of differences between action sounds. 


Children are encouraged to remember patterns of sounds. The activity consists of first listening to and then recalling a series of simple sound sequences. 

Can you remember? 


Meet the bears 


This activity enables children to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills by answering questions about what each bear is doing, giving answers in simple sentences. 


In this activity, children look at and listen to simple sentences about all the actions each bear has performed throughout the CD. This helps to consolidate the themes of the CD. 

My bear book 


Children are able to create a picture book with simple sentences and their own recorded sounds about the bear characters and their actions, thus developing both their vocabulary and their comprehension skills.  


(Requires Clicker 7 for Windows or Mac).