Use the symbols you want

Consistency is important for both communication and literacy, so if you’re already using a symbol set, you’ll want to use the same ones in Clicker Communicator.


Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix)


Clicker Communicator (Widgit)


Clicker Communicator (PCS)


This version of Clicker Communicator includes the complete SymbolStix library. SymbolStix depicts activities and people as lively, vibrant stick figures, drawn with a distinctive flair to create “stick figures with an attitude”. The set consists of approximately 24,000 symbols.


This version of Clicker Communicator includes the complete Widgit library.
The Widgit Symbol Set has been specifically designed to support literacy and consists of over 15,000 simply-drawn symbols, each illustrating a single concept.


This version of Clicker Communicator includes the complete PCS library. Developed over 25 years, the Mayer-Johnson PCS Symbol Set is widely used in the field of AAC and comprises over 12,000 color symbols.

Organized by topic

All the symbol sets are organized into the 24 topics that you’re more likely to want in your Vocabulary Sets. This makes it quick and easy to find the symbols you want, and enables you to browse and search two or more symbol sets in parallel.

Crick Picture Library

Clicker Communicator also comes with the Crick Picture Library,
which includes over 2,500 engaging curriculum pictures.

Of course, you don’t have to use symbols or pictures at all –
you can create text-only Vocabulary Sets, supported with the child-friendly keyboard. 

If you buy 'Clicker Communicator (SymbolStix)' you can also obtain
the Widgit or Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols as in-app purchases for $49.99 each.