Create and edit in minutes

Create content quickly

You can set up a new Vocabulary Set in just a few minutes, making it perfect for ‘on the fly’ content creation. Personalize every last detail by adding photos, customizing colors, adding topics, and repositioning cells.

Find symbols fast

Quickly find the symbols you want with our intelligent search and select method. Symbols are automatically suggested for your current topic. Add symbols one at a time, or select multiple symbols or words, and have the app create your grids for you.

Optimize your layout

Whether creating new Vocabulary Sets or editing existing ones, it’s so easy to tailor them to your learners’ needs.

  • Set background, text, and border colors
    of individual or multiple cells
  • Drag cells to reposition them
  • Multiple-level undo enables you to
    instantly fix any mistakes

Edit every detail

You can edit every last detail, right down to the exact action and appearance of individual cells - you can even create your own symbols with the new paint tool!