Be part of the class

Created by our curriculum team, the free online Vocabulary Sets from LearningGrids provide access to the vocabulary your learners will meet in their curriculum topics, and provide a natural link to literacy development. 

Find Vocabulary Sets quickly
for your current topic

Browse, search, and use LearningGrids resources from right within the app to get Vocabulary Sets for specific topics. Use the sets as they are, or tailor them to the needs of your learners and their learning objectives.

A range of curriculum topics

Discussion, asking questions, and responding to others are important parts of learning. LearningGrids provides resources to enable Clicker Communicator users to take an active vocal part in their lessons.

Use LearningGrids alongside your main Vocabulary Set

Your learners will want to move between their main Vocabulary Set and the LearningGrids set they are using in a particular lesson. This is done with just two taps by using the Favorites tool, which enables you to select favorite/recent Vocabulary Sets, and also stores favorite and recent messages.