Clicker Success Stories

Mike Cole

Assistive Technology Specialist, Indian Prairie School District 204

We use Clicker in our school district to assist students with a wide variety of disabilities.  We can adapt Clicker to meet the needs of many different learners; children who are benefitting now include children with autism, cognitive difficulties, learning disabilities, children who struggle with new vocabulary, and children with physical disabilities who have trouble accessing a computer keyboard. The main reasons it can be used for such a wide variety of learners include the ability to use audio cuing, recording of responses, pictures, videos, and different sentence structures.  What’s great about Clicker is that we can set up these support features ourselves and  combine them in many different ways to meet the needs of all our users.

Clicker allows these students the chance to participate actively in the curriculum.  They are now able to express their own thoughts and ideas with these supports and produce work independently, rather than by relying so heavily on adult and peer assistance.  These students are now able to experience success and build confidence, which motivates them to continue and achieve. The adaptability of the program then allows the scaffolding of support needed to begin with to be progressively scaled back as the student progresses. 

Clicker is an exciting tool for both our students and our staff – we would highly recommend it!