Support for Students with Speech
or Language Impairments

Clicker is a great favorite among speech and language professionals as well as special education teachers. Clicker Sets are perfect for children struggling to acquire language or to express themselves.

Develop listening skills

A range of Clicker Sets can be created within Clicker 7 to help students develop their listening skills. You can tie the activities in to any curriculum area by incorporating relevant pictures, words, and sounds. Use Matching Sets and Talk Sets for pupils to demonstrate their understanding of key vocabulary and concepts. 

Practise speaking skills

Clicker’s sound recorder opens up a range of activities to help children practise speaking in a variety of contexts. Students can listen back to what they have recorded, reflect on what they have said and re-record as many times as they like until they are satisfied.

Focus on language structure

Use Sentence Sets to teach and reinforce simple sentence structure. For learners needing additional support, use ‘guided order’ sets where they have to select words in the correct order from left to right. Another powerful way to help students internalize language is by providing a model sentence for the student to look at and listen to. The model appears in a popup, and although the student can open the popup whenever they wish, they can only write words into their own sentence while the popup is closed.

Activities to teach and practise
specific language concepts

By using pictures and presenting a set of alternative choices, pupils learn concepts, as for example in this activity where they choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence.

Enable communication

Students with little or no speech who need a communication aid, use customized Clicker Grid Sets to communicate. Symbol sets are a great way to provide symbol support. Customize communication Grid Sets for individual students, linking together relevant grids to fit their needs.

Using iPads? Take a look at Clicker Communicator, the child-friendly AAC app that gives a voice to learners with speech and language difficulties.