Clicker and Dyslexia

Develop Reading Skills with Clicker Talking Books

Clicker talking books are a fantastic way of providing accessible reading materials for students with dyslexia. There is a wide variety available, and all come with carefully designed reading and writing activities, which provide that vital extra reinforcement in a really interesting way.

Planet Wobble

Our award-winning series of 18 books with lots of activities and printed books too

Find Out & Write About

Our award-winning non-fiction series of 11 titles, each providing a wealth of reading and writing activities at three differentiated levels.

Clicker Tales

A series of Early Years CDs that teach literacy through traditional stories that children love.

Make your own talking books

Templates are provide in Clicker so that you can make your own talking books on any topic you like. Using your own photos and sounds is a fantastic way to motivate students who are reluctant readers and writers.