Symbol Support for Children

Use Clicker with symbols to support students with special literacy or communication needs as they take part in reading, writing, and communication activities.

Writing support

Use symbols in Clicker Grid Sets to help children develop their writing skills. Simply clicking on a Clicker cell containing a symbol sends the symbol into your Clicker document. Clicker displays both the symbol and the text, encouraging learners to make the connection between the words and the images. By listening to the recorded speech as it reads their work back to them, learners develop their understanding of the link between the symbols they see and the words they hear.

Communication grids

Creating your own communication aid is easy with Clicker Grid Sets. Because you are able to link together as many grids as you like, there is no limit to the number of symbols you can access. You are free to mix different types of symbols and other graphics on the same grid, and it is up to you whether or not to display text underneath them. And, of course, you are able to make changes to the grids whenever you need to.

Word prediction

Clicker’s integrated word predictor offers a list of possible words based on the letters you type. To aid students in choosing the word they want to write, you can show symbols next to the predicted words.

The following symbol sets are available to use
in conjunction with Clicker:


Widgit Symbols


Mayer-Johnson PCS