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Clicker 6 reviews


Bryan Plumb interviews some of the Clicker preview day attendees to find out what they think of the latest version.

“I am really excited about this. There is so much emphasis at the moment on independent learning and so much pressure on teachers to show evidence of pupils’ progress, however if a child has difficulties in recording their learning, then showing evidence of work is very difficult… Clicker 6 allows the pupils to be in control and feel safe by including a multi-sensory approach to learning.”

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Ability Magazine 

Editor John Lamb provides an overview of the key features of Clicker , and gathers reactions from advisors attending the official preview event.

“Teachers and education advisors who attended a demonstration of Clicker 6 in December gasped audibly at the new features…‘I won’t be spending an hour each evening preparing lessons, and it’s ideal for use by classroom assistants’, said one.”

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Early Learning HQ

ICT journalist Sal McKeown reports on the exclusive preview of Clicker held at Crick Software headquarters. 

“The day was packed with primary, early years and special needs advisors… everyone agreed that Clicker 6 is bigger, better, simpler and that staff who see it would want it.”

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Special Children 

ICT and SEN advisor John Galloway describes the new features in Clicker 6 and offers his opinion on the whole program.

“This is impressive stuff that demonstrates how well-designed software not only makes things better for pupils with special needs, but works for all learners.”

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Mirshahi Technology News 

Teacher Ray Mirshahi, a self-proclaimed ‘Clickevangelist’, tells us why he is so excited about the latest version of the program.

“I have often been asked why I am so passionate about this piece of software…the answer is both easy and difficult to explain. It is easy to list all the features of a piece of software, but it is extremely hard to describe the joy and excitement children experience when they feel they are succeeding and realize that they love learning and nothing can stop them.”

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ConnSENSE Bulletin 

The ConnSENSE Bulletin announces the launch of Clicker 6.

“My second graders used Clicker to create a talking book about a recent school trip. Clicker 6’s new Click & Edit feature made it so easy for the children to add their own text and photographs, and the word bank I created meant every student was able to write exactly what they wanted to.”

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Assistive Technology Specialist Amy Rubin Mindell contributes her thoughts on the new features in Clicker 6.

“So, let’s start with the greatest invention since Clicker 5: wizards. You can now create new activities in Clicker 6 in one fell swoop. Really. In Clicker 5 users had to create activities one grid at a time (or master the dark world of the Explorer); but now, by typing content into a set up wizard, multiple grids can be created all at once. This really is like magic for Clicker users, making the user experience better for beginning and advanced users alike.”

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AssistiveTek Blog 

Assistive Technology Consultant Brian Friedlander reflects on how easy it is to create an activity in Clicker 6 using the Activity Wizards.

“The latest release of Clicker 6 now includes Activity Wizards which make using the program a real dream. Just this morning I had the chance to use Clicker 6 with a student I was working with who had underlying cognitive and language disabilities and within seconds of selecting a Talk About Wizard I had developed a picture based activity that he could use to tell a story about the pictures on the screen. It was incredible just how engaged the student was and how exciting it was to see the expression on his teacher’s face as he told his story.”

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AssistiveTek Blog Screencast 

Assistive Technology Consultant Brian Friedlander demonstrates how to create and use a matching activity in Clicker 6, in less than 2 minutes!

“In my previous post I spoke about just how easy it was to create a Matching Activity in Clicker 6 with its new Wizards and thought that I would show you how quickly this could be accomplished.”

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Closing The Gap 

Deb Yergeau of Crick Software shares information about Clicker 6’s new features, successes, and reviews in this Closing the Gap magazine article.

“With its easy-to-navigate tools and recent updates, Clicker 6 will support every student in a school, whether they have physical or learning disabilities, struggle with reading and writing or take part in a gifted program. The possibilities Clicker has to offer are endless, and both teachers and students will benefit from the time-saving features and learning independence that the program has to offer.”

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