Clicker Research

Clicker is being used in thousands of schools around the world to raise reading and writing standards. A number of Clicker research studies have been undertaken by education professionals – here are some of the results!

Clicker Research Study

Clicker Research Study - Rose Racicot

        (Occupational Therapist, USA)

The effect of multimedia writing support software on written productivity

A study exploring the effects of using Clicker on the quality and quantity of writing productivity of students who have mild to moderate developmental delays. Twenty-two special education students in elementary school participated in an eight week technology writing intervention using Clicker software.

There was a considerable growth in participants’ overall writing scores. Particularly significant growth was achieved by young emergent writers…

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The Clicker Project

The Clicker Project - Dr. Arjette Karemaker

        (Education Department, University of Nottingham)

Assessing the effectiveness of a whole-word multimedia reading intervention designed to support development of early literacy skills

An in-depth study assessing the effectiveness of Clicker in the Primary Year 1 classroom (equivalent to Kindergarten in the United states). The project took place over three years and involved a total of 158 Year 1 children of varying reading abilities from five different primary schools.

Dr. Karemaker’s results showed increased performance gains across a broad range of basic literacy skills after intervention with Clicker compared to traditional pedagogical practices…

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