Word Processor

Boost Writing Independence with Clicker's Word Processor

Clicker 6 is fast becoming the word processor of choice for elementary schools. Students can open Clicker and just start writing; the built-in support tools and child-friendly interface really encourage writing independence. If additional help is needed, teachers can provide grids of words, phrases, and / or pictures related to that particular lesson or learning objective.

As students move through the school, Clicker can be easily adapted to provide support appropriate to their age and ability level.

Customizable tools

Clicker gives students of all abilities the tools they need to independently translate their thoughts and knowledge into coherent writing.

As children complete a sentence, Clicker’s clear voice reads it aloud, encouraging them to review what they have written and correct any errors themselves. The speed and frequency of the speech feedback can be changed depending on each learner’s requirements.

Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of the student’s writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences. Set the predictor to whichever of the four levels best meets their needs, or create a customized level just for them.

Picture support

Adding a creative dimension to writing activities helps children to actively engage with the task at hand. Students can use the built-in web cam to personalize their documents with their own photos, or create their own pictures with the Clicker painting tools. This also provides early or struggling writers with an alternative way to demonstrate understanding and capture ideas.

Clicker 6 comes with a library of over 2500 curriculum pictures, which can be used by students to illustrate their work, or by teachers to provide graphical support for learners who need additional help. Symbol libraries are also available to purchase.

Sassoon font

The Sassoon font has been researched and developed specially for children. It is based on letter formations familiar to beginning readers and writers, for example rounded letters. Key features include the handwriting-like exit strokes at the base, and the longer ascenders and descenders, which aid letter and word recognition. The line spacing is also slightly bigger than most fonts to make texts easier to read. While a range of other fonts is available in Clicker, using the Sassoon font is a really effective way to aid developing readers and writers. 

Clicker Sets

In addition to the support built into the word processor, teachers can create or download grids to support writing. A range of styles is available to support different stages of literacy development, including sentence sets, word banks, and writing frames. Click here for more information on writing grids and other styles of Clicker Sets for literacy.