What's New in Clicker 6?

Clicker 6 builds on the acclaimed support features of its predecessors.

Clicker 6 combines customizable student support tools that empower children to work independently, with intuitive activity wizards that make it easier than ever before for teachers to create and edit Clicker activities.

More student independence!

Quick start word processor

The Quick Start activity screen enables children to start working right away.

Elementary word predictor

This intelligent predictor suggests words that fit the context of the students’ writing, helping students with their spelling and grammar, and encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary.

Click & Edit books

Clicker’s child-friendly Click & Edit activities enable students to independently create their very own talking books and presentations, on any topic!

Built-in painting tools

The popular painting program, Clicker Paint, is now fully integrated into Clicker - a great opportunity for students to creatively express their thoughts and ideas.


Webcam support

Built-in webcam support enables students to take photographs that instantly appear in their Clicker documents.

Favorites list

Children save favorite Clicker activities to their favorites list for easy future access.

Enhanced picture support

The enhanced Clicker 6 library contains over 2500 engaging curriculum pictures, which are not only available for use in documents, but also in Clicker Sets, the predictor, and the spellchecker.

Mouse Dwell

As well as being fully switch accessible, Clicker 6 allows selection by Mouse Dwell, vastly improving access for those using joysticks, trackballs, or eye-control devices.

Less teacher time!


Activity creation tools

A completely new way of creating Clicker activities. Simply add words or pictures and the wizards instantly transform them into an activity. There are wizards for sentence building, word banks, writing books, matching, and speaking and listening activities.


New Edit Mode

Editing activities made simple - click on a cell and the toolbar instantly changes to display only the tools relevant to the item being edited, with no need to search through menu options.

Instant access to LearningGrids

No need to log in to LearningGrids – access the free resources instantly from within Clicker!