Encourage Creativity

Encourage Students to Work Creatively

Adding a creative dimension to writing activities really helps children to actively engage with the task at hand. Clicker 6 encourages students to express themselves in a variety of ways.



Click & Edit books

It’s easy for students to put together resources that demonstrate their learning. Clicker’s child-friendly Click & Edit activities enable your students to independently create their very own talking books and presentations, on any topic!

Built-in painting tools

Our popular painting program, Clicker Paint, is now fully integrated into Clicker!

Drawing a picture is a perfect starting point to get children writing, and the ability to talk about their picture offers a natural lead into the writing process. Add in sentence building grids and voice recording, and you have a unique environment for writers to express themselves.

Webcam support

It’s so motivating for students to use their own photographs in their work. With Clicker’s new built-in webcam support, students are able to take photographs that instantly appear in their Clicker document.

Take a look at our Clicker in the Classroom page to find out how students are using Clicker creatively in their classrooms!