Clicker 7 and the Common Core State Standards

When the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are met, students will have developed college-ready skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

They will have the knowledge and skills they need, whatever their choice of college or career.

As a customizable UDL-compliant literacy support tool, Clicker 7 provides an excellent platform on which to design and deliver teaching and learning resources aligned to these requirements. These standards fall into the following areas, all of which can be supported by Clicker 7:

  • An emphasis on accessing complex texts, both narrative and non-fiction.
  • Using these texts to then inform, argue, or demonstrate comprehension of the text.
  • Improving the use and understanding of academic language.
  • Improving the understanding of complex language to improve literacy across the whole curriculum.
  • Valuing evidence and pointing to it when putting forward arguments and critiques.
  • Allow students with disabilities meaningful access to the Common Core through IEPs based on assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning.

Common Core is such a hot topic right now, and Clicker is a great tool for providing access to special needs kiddos.   The software has been invaluable to me when assessing children who have complex communication needs.  I have yet to find a student who I can’t engage in a Clicker activity one way or another.  I truly appreciate the time and effort your team has dedicated to produce such practical, user friendly software for special needs students.

Betsy Caporale,
– Speech-Language Pathologist,
AAC/AT Specialist -California Department of Education.