FREE Clicker 7 Seminars

Find out how Clicker 7 will enable every student to significantly develop their reading and writing skills.

Our twilight seminars are conveniently timed from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, so you do not need to request time off from teaching.

Free seminar - Improving literacy

This seminar will show you how Clicker 7 will help improve literacy standards across the school. If you are not yet a Clicker user, you will find out why Clicker is already used in thousands of schools around the world. For those that already have Clicker in their schools, the seminars are a fantastic opportunity to see what's new in Clicker 7 and pick up some hints and tricks!

See how:

  • Customizable student support tools enable children of all abilities to achieve success and work more independently.
  • Children are actively encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge creatively, and motivated to complete activities.
  • Intuitive activity wizards make it easier than ever before for teachers to create and edit their own Clicker activities.

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