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iClick For Clicker 5 by Daniel Herlihy & Darlene Brodbeck

Let your imagination run wild with this book of ideas, activities, and Clicker 5 templates for all providers and learners. Inside awaits a plethora of ideas for regular education students, students with special needs, and you!

Written to provide you with a balance of both basic ideas to help you quickly understand and start creating activities with Clicker 5 as well as to take you beyond the basics in ways you may never have thought of.

New to Clicker 5? Find easy-to-use ideas, activities, and directions to jump-start you on your way to "happy clicking!"

Familiar with Clicker? This is your ideal book to take you beyond the basics in creative ways you may never have thought of.

A companion CD of activities and templates for Clicker 5 is included.

Digital Storytelling With Clicker

One of the hottest trends in educational technology is digital storytelling - sharing stories through words, pictures, video, and audio. Designed by noted speaker and author, Dr. Arnie Abrams, this book is based on solid research and production principles.

Digital Storytelling with Clicker is a wonderful resource for Clicker 5 that allows students as young as 1st grade to create their own digital stories. It includes over 40 "digital story starters" that can be used to jump-start the digital story-creation process.

Students use templates that guide them through writing a story. They can add words, sounds, graphics, photos, and even video clips to craft their stories. Younger students can simply click on pop-up word lists and pictures to complete their stories.

If you're a Clicker user and want to get your students involved in digital storytelling, this is the perfect way to get started.


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