Pricing and Licensing

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You will need a license for each computer you wish to install Clicker 7 on. You will not be able to activate this software on more than the number of computers you have licenses for, so please ensure that you select the correct license type to meet your needs.

Clicker 7 is compatible with Windows and Mac computers – see our system requirements page. Our Clicker Apps for iPad and Chromebook are a separate purchase; you can find out more about them on our Clicker Apps page. We don't currently support Android.

Prices shown are for individual schools only. OneSchool licenses may not be split across a district and cannot be transferred to another school. Click here for more licensing information. Prices shown in $US and exclude sales tax (Connecticut 6.35%).

Other currencies

For £UK prices or other currencies, visit our UK/International site.

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Clicker 6 to Clicker 7

During 2017, Clicker 6 users are able to purchase Clicker 7 at a 30% discount or more. Please note that the upgrade discounts will no longer be available in 2018, so this really is the best time to move to the latest version.

If your school owns Clicker 6, you automatically qualify for upgrade pricing, so you can simply place your order. We’ll only ask for proof of purchase if we don’t have you in our system.

You can upgrade to any Clicker 7 license, irrespective of the license you currently have for Clicker 6.

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Clicker 7 Upgrade Terms and Conditions

1. You can upgrade each of your existing Clicker 6 licenses to ANY Clicker 7 license.

2. You can only take advantage of the upgrade discount once. So, if you upgrade your Clicker 6 license now and wish to buy more Clicker 7 licenses in the future, you will need to pay the standard prices for these.

3. When you take advantage of one of our upgrade discounts, you are essentially ‘trading in’ your Clicker 6 license to receive this discount. So, you will not be licensed to use Clicker 6 on any of your machines once you’ve upgraded.